Saturday, January 17, 2009

Kind of a lame two days. As my cheap ass, just bought last year LCD monitor developed a line right in the center of the screen. I had no choice but tighten my belt and head over to one of my most hated spots in Japan: Akihabara.

I didn't always hate Akihabara. In fact, Japanese electronic stores are a joy to maneuver thru. And no where is this more obvious than in Akihabara, where everything under the sun is on sale somewhere, and at a discount if you shop smart.

So, what's the problem?

About 3 years ago the "anime otaku" culture took over Akihabara. Today, there are lots of girls in maid outfits on the street trying to get you into their idiotic stores for coffee or whatever served by girls wearing cat ears and french maid outfits. I don't have a problem with cute girls, but this is beyond the pale. As a man, I find it demeaning. But that's just me... And to be honest, I guess I'll get coffee at one of these places just so I can see how far Japanese culture has deteriorated

By mistake, my friend Mike and I wound up in an anime store and were pressed in an elevator between 20-something nerds with backpacks stuffed with "goods." The walls of the elevator were awash with drawings of unrealistically busty women. It was all we could do to get the hell out of there are fast as possible. Actually, we thought it was a game store as we're both looking for a used PSP. The store we wanted turned out to be the same shop's sister store next door. Ah! The horror!

In the end, I picked up a nice 26in Samsung computer monitor. The thing is so large I don't even feel like I'm looking at a computer. It's like looking out a window! I mean, 26in! That's bigger than the TV I grew up with back home in New York. And now I have to sit with this thing about 1/2 a foot from my face? Still, it's cool and I'm happy with it.

Today is the screening of my friend Shusuke Kaneko's film PRIDE. I was supposed to go to the premiere, but I blew it off. I like hanging with Shusuke at these premieres, but for some reason I just felt like skipping it. It's a good film and all, but I've seen it and when you've been to one premiere, you've been to them all. Besides, I was invited to my friend's birthday party tonight and I'd rather go to that.

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  1. *tucks my furry cat ears behind my back*

    Norman-san! Was watching "Stacy" recently and thought about ya. Hope all is well and flesh-eating with you.

    The 5th Gibson Girl....