Monday, April 22, 2013

Monster Pictures & The Devil's Path

I've been doing a blog over at Monster Pictures, a DVD / Blu-ray company down in Australia that specializes in horror and strong content film. I met their head honcho Neil when he was in Japan about two years ago. He came by the Nikkatsu Studio office when I was interviewing Megumi Kagurazaka for the "Guilty of Romance" and Iguchi for "Tomie Unlimited" DVDs. Neil and I have been talking off and on about me writing for his website and last month I took the plunge.

I've done two entries so far. The first was just a "who the hell is this guy anyway?" kind of entry. The last was a detailed look at the Tokyo premiere of Lust of the Dead 2 and 3.

Here a link to the Lust of the Dead blog:

I don't know if it's the best title, but I call my blog there, "The Gemba Getaway."

Gemba being the Japanese word for in movie set.

In other news, I've just finished subtitling the upcoming Nikkatsu film "The Devil's Path." The original title is "Kyoaku," but this didn't work so well in English. So, I changed it.

"The Devil's Path" is produced by my friend Yoshinori Chiba and directed by Kazuya Shiraishi. It is a fantastic film that is both well acted and deftly directed. I visited the set once and, man, was I scared out of my wits! The story, based on real events, is about a reporter following up on confessions of a death row inmate. This leads to the discovery of some rather vicious crimes. The scene I saw was one of the most brutal scenes in the film and one of the most intense I've ever seen filmed.

I finished subtitling "The Devil's Path" last week and am now polishing off the promotional writing.

This is the Japanese poster, or at least the chirashi... The international one is in production now.

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