Saturday, December 27, 2014

End of Year

It’s almost the New Year and I haven’t touched ye’ old blog in months. I’ve just been too busy with work and life in general. Besides, writing here generates no income!!! J But I do enjoy the outlet, when I can find the time.

This year, like any other, had its share of ups and downs. I’m trying to focus on the ups. Such as finally getting to do a book on Dawn of the Dead, finally working with Takashi Miike, doing stills on a Nishimura feature, and being told by Tim Burton that my photography is fantastic. (That last point really generates no income but it was nice to hear all the same.)

The downside of the year was a moronic sales tax increase in Japan that a lot of companies used to raise prices further (raising the previous price by 8%, which is what our tax was raised to from its previous 5%, so they slipped in a 5% price increase thinking no one would notice. The bastards!)

One thing I’ve been experimenting with is getting a website going to display my photography. I’m going to link to it here. Unfortunately, due to copyright reasons, most of the film related stuff I have to keep password locked. The site is just a way for me to pass along to directors / producers who want to see what I’ve done and, if I’m lucky, will give me work. But I did put up other, "artsy" shots...or at least my attempt to be artsy. 

For what it’s worth, here’s the link:

Well, I have a few cool end of year parties coming up, and then I'll be hitting the ground running as soon as Japan gears up after the new year holidays.

Until 2015 rolls around... Wishing everyone all the best.

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